General Yacht Maintenance “GYM” Program

Keeping track of your boats maintenance schedule can leave you feeling sunk. Lucky for you, we have just launched our exclusive G.Y.M. program to help you maintain your yacht and sanity.

This program is designed to allow customers to pay a flat price for total yacht care on a monthly basis. The last thing you need to be worrying about is maintaining a detailing and service schedule. This program starts as low as $10 per foot per month. 

Chesapeake Nautical Cruises, LLC is proud to announce our new General Yacht Management program “GYM”! The GYM program includes monthly and annual services required to keep your boat in great shape year round!

Monthly and Annual services include a custom maintenance logbook and the following services:


-Exterior Boat Wash – materials included
-Interior Clean – materials included
-Engine Room Clean – materials included
-Clean Sea Strainers – materials included
-Maintain Battery Fluids – materials included
-Maintain Engine Fluids – Engine Oil, Coolant, Transmission, Steering, Trim Tab *Fluids not included

-Exercise Thru-Hulls – materials included

-Inspect Engines – hoses, clamps, linkage and steering – materials included

-Run the Engines/In Gear to prevent running gear growth
-Check Electronics and Systems onboard
-Check and Inspect Safety Equipment

-Maintain Water Tank level
-Check and adjust lines/fenders as needed -Winter Wash as needed
-Snow Removal as needed


-Winterization – labor/materials included *Antifreeze and Fuel Stabilizer not included

-Oil/Fluid Change as needed – labor/materials included *Oil/Fluid and Filters not included

-Boat Waxing as needed – labor/materials included


Inquire about the following services not included in the GYM program:

-Bottom Sanding/Painting


The GYM program is an annual program starting at $10 per foot each month! *pricing based on size and type of boat.

We are a full-service Yacht Management provider so please inquire if you need a service that is not listed above.

Take advantage of joining the GYM program for the expert maintenance care ensuring a more pleasurable, safe and reliable boating experience!


410-353-4850, Option #1

We look forward to working with you to increase the longevity of your boat!